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If you're a Supervisor, Team Leader, Manager or other professional who leads or oversees teams then this is for you.

Supervisor counselling can help you better understand your team, how to manage different personalities and interact better with your direct reports. Counselling can also better equip you to deal and manage workplace conflict or difficult situations.


Psychological Safety at Work

From 2022 to 2023 changes were made to Work Health and Safety legislation across Australia that incorporated the need for workplaces to assess and mitigate psychosocial hazards and protect their employees' psychological safety.

WorkSafe Australia lists in their 'Managing psychosocial hazards at work' Code of Practice some of the common psychosocial hazards that appear in the workplace (see right). 

Psychosocial Hazard_COP.png

These hazards in themselves may be considered by some to be 'part of the job' however as the Code of Practice goes onto the say these psychosocial hazards cause harm by causing a negative psychological and sometimes physiological response in people.

Examples of this are responses such as anxiety, depression, panic, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and sleep disorders to name a few. This is especially prevalent in people from diverse backgrounds and persons with psychosocial vulnerabilities (for example those with a history of trauma, previous issues at work and other impactful lived experiences). 


If you're a leader, a people manager, leading a team, mentoring employees or part of an organisation it is now part of your responsibility in that role to mitigate psychosocial hazards from causing psychological harm in the workplace. While you may not intend to cause harm with your interactions and behaviours, how others receive and interpret your actions may do so unintentionally.

Navigating these situations, behaviours, interactions and issues is something I am uniquely positioned to help with. As a Counsellor who has been providing therapy to individuals from diverse backgrounds who have experienced violent and severe trauma as well as people with vulnerabilities such as long-term mental health issues I can translate and coach from my management of these issues from this perspective.

Counselling & Leadership

In their evidence review on psychological safety CIPD identify key predictors of a psychologically safe workplace, team or organisation. These include:

  • Being listened to by a Supervisor.

  • Recognising and appreciating the individuality of a person within the organisation.

  • The leadership style and behaviours.

  • The leaders conflict management style.

Your behaviours, interactions, responses and handling of issues in the workplace are a key performance indicator for achieving psychological safety within your organisation.

I provide value by coaching and counselling you to be able to manage people from diverse backgrounds and those with vulnerabilities in an empathetic, compassionate and constructive way. I apply evidence-based therapy modalities such as transactional analysis, communication theories, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and de-escalation techniques that are tailored to your specific situation or goals.

Here are some ways counselling can help you achieve the leadership style and behaviours you're aiming for:


Build and maintain emotional resilience that can assist you in navigating complex and difficult situations with employees and colleagues and prevent emotional fatigue or burnout.


Create a psychologically safe team environment through evidence-based therapies and adjust and train behaviours that facilitate trust within your organisation.

Ink Smear

Manage and process conflict more effectively by understanding those from diverse backgrounds and people with vulnerabilities who may have experience trauma and other experiences through empathetic, compassionate and constructive communication theories.

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