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Who is Dan?

Dan is an accredited counsellor and therapist offering services in the Brisbane area and online.

I'm a counsellor who lives in South Brisbane and works in East Brisbane and surrounding areas.

I grew up in a small NSW town but moved to Brisbane to study counselling at university and never left.

I'm an avid hobbyist who has tried everything from candle making, wood carving and painting to archery, rock climbing and skateboarding.

In my downtime I like to cruise around on my motorbike, read comics and hang out with the family greyhound (Wren).

Dans' Counselling Experience

I've counselled children, teens, adults and families from all walks of life and am dedicated to supporting and helping those in need whether that be children struggling with emotional regulation, teenagers dealing with an identity crisis or adults who have anxiety, depression or other issues impacting their day to day life.

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I started my counselling career at a non-government organisation as a group facilitator leading psycho-education groups. These group sessions took families and parents through methods and approaches like the 'circle of security' and 'attachment- based' that they could apply and work through at home. Additionally I led kids group counselling sessions with children of all ages using 'attachment-based' therapies to teach resilience and emotional intelligence.

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During 2019 I worked with teenagers and pre-teens as an outreach counsellor in schools around Brisbane. This involved helping teens with issues around anxiety and depression due to school pressures or other events going on their life whilst trying to navigate schoolwork.  I also counselled in the community mental health sector with people under treatment orders included at risk and disadvantaged people in the community as well as those returning from the prison population.

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My motivation to continue in support work and also counsel at risk children and adolescents led me to work for an organisation in Ipswich dedicated to supporting women and children affected by domestic and sexual violence. Not only is this supporting and counselling victims of crime but also providing therapies for related issues such as anxiety, depression and PTSD whilst also role modelling a 'safe male'.

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After gaining more experience in counselling, I decided to open up my own practice in Brisbane to be able to work with a wider population of clients including Children, Teens, Adults, Families and Couples. I began 'Counselling with Dan' after many months of preparation in August of 2023 and opened my office in East Brisbane shortly after. Since beginning my private practice, I am so incredibly grateful to get the opportunity work with fantastic and courageous clients who are willing to take the step to better their mental health and take positive steps to where they would like their life to be.

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