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Family Counselling

The thought of a family counselling session might be daunting however I am a practiced hand at counselling families small and large through a range of situations. I cater my approach to each situation, couple and family that I see to ensure you're getting the most helpful and productive session possible. This might mean that the whole family is there for some sessions and just certain members of the family for other sessions - this is so I can understand the connections and interplay of the situation between family members and whether particular members need certain therapeutic approaches.

I have been a family therapist in Brisbane for the past 5 years and regularly counsel couples and families for a range of reasons which may be due to disputes in the family, pre or post divorce, significant change(s) in the household, relationship breakdowns, conflict resolution or other situations. Family therapy can be a constructive way to bring the all the parties together to see how the situation is impacting each you. When then there are children involved in family issues it is necessary to manage the situation with care and the appropriate therapy and pace that is suited to kids in their psychosocial development stage.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

This approach is about looking at the link between your thoughts and actions. I look at key themes in how your brain is interpreting situations and reflecting in your actions then analyse the 'how' and 'why' this is occurring.

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Through systems-based therapy I explore the patterns occurring in your life. I help you become more self-aware of these automatic behaviours and then explore the disparity between your current state of processing or management and your desired state.

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Transactional Analysis

When there are multiple people in a counselling situation the transactional analysis approach works by working through each persons experience and understanding how they're receiving messages from others' words and actions.

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