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Individual Counselling

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You may seek counselling or therapy for many and varied reasons at one or many points throughout your life. I provide counselling for individuals going through on-going instances or one-off experiences of:


Trauma, complex issues, accident recovery, disability, domestic violence, sexual violence, emotional trauma, coercive control and abuse.

Relationship counselling such as relationship breakdown, divorce, separation and other relationship therapy. This includes relationship alienation, estrangement and other issues with parents or siblings. 

Grief and Loss, this may be loss of a friend, family member or loss of a pet. Grief can be experienced due to changes in health circumstances, loss of a job, falling out with close friend or wanting to support someone who is dealing with grief or loss.


Anxiety, Stress and Depression, these mental health issues can be short or long-term and can accompany situations like post diagnosis for OCD, PTSD, GAD and ADHD or work and career pressures. Addiction can also be involved as well as maybe issues with memory gaps and disassociation.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

This approach is about looking at the link between your thoughts and actions. I look at key themes in how your brain is interpreting situations and reflecting in your actions then analyse the 'how' and 'why' this is occurring.

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Through systems-based therapy I explore the patterns occurring in your life. I help you become more self-aware of these automatic behaviours and then explore the disparity between your current state of processing or management and your desired state.

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Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is storey based. Its about exploring your scenario and situation in the context of your story, family story or community story. This is a creative approach where we figure out your metaphor and journey via a creative approach.

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