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Counsellor Supervision

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Supervision is a practice designed for counsellors and psychotherapists to discuss their cases, well-being, seek advice and guidance and improve their practices.

I have several years of experience as a Supervisor working especially with those who work with young people and needs advice, support or suggestions on new ways of working when engaging children and families.

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Accredited 'RISE UP' model supervisor.

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Protect and maintain your emotional resilience for sustainable practice.

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Student and Graduate Mentoring

Are you studying counselling or preparing to enter the field and begin seeing your first clients as a newly graduated counsellor? This can be a daunting experience and its hard to know what to expect coming straight out of university. I'm happy to offer support, mentoring and guidance to new counsellors that will set you up for success as you enter professional world.

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Receive mentoring and support throughout your counselling study and graduation journey.

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Be proactive and learn 'field-ready' skills before you start your career as a counsellor.

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